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Specialist in Pathologies of
Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder

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Dr. Gustavo Gómez Rodríguez is a hand surgeon in Argentina. He is a traumatologist specialized in hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder pathologies and surgery trained in New York (USA), Derby (England) and Barcelona (Spain). He is a University Professor of the Specialist Career in Hand and Upper Limb Reconstructive Surgery (UCES-AACM). He has published numerous scientific studies in national and international scientific journals, as well as has participated as a guest speaker in Argentine and foreign conferences (USA, England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia).

He is a hand and upper limb surgeon, forming part of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Association of Hand Surgery (AACM) and the Scientific Committee of the Congress of said Association, participating as a Full Member of said association. He is currently the Delegate Representative of Argentina within the Latin American Association of the Doll. He is also Regional Editor of the American scientific journal "The Journal Of Hand Surgery GO".

He is also Director of the Buenos Aires Hand Group Alumni Fellowship Program (Climba Alumni), recognized by the International Bone Research Association (IBRA, Switzerland) as a reference center in the training of future Upper Limb surgeons.

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Know the centers where Dr. GGR works.

Dr. Gustavo Gómez Rodríguez serve in three prestigious centers in the Federal Capital. Artro Center, Climba Clinic and the British Hospital of Buenos Aires (Microcentro and Vicente López).

Artro and Climba are centers specialized in the interdisciplinary approach to sports patients (amateurs and professionals), with the aim of returning them to their practice as soon as possible.

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At Artro, Dr. GGR can study your problem at the time of consultation using Radioscopy, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance thanks to the HIMAN team

In addition, guided infiltrations are performed under Ultrasound, ensuring the best precision.

Climba is equipped with outpatient operating rooms specialized in Upper Limb surgeries

In both centers we have the splint or immobilizer that you need to give you free of charge


Federico Román

Dr. GGR is an excellent traumatologist. Totally recommended for his professional and personal capacity. Both the doctor and his team were always more than willing to answer my questions before and after surgery, which went perfectly!

María Rosa Fiorio

Me quebré el radio del brazo izquierdo y fui operada por el Dr. Gomez Rodriguez. La operación fue excelente ya que hoy estoy dada de alta habiendo recuperado totalmente mi movilidad. Quiero destacar y agradecer su profesionalismo y su trato empático y gentil durante todo el proceso.

Graciela Guiñazú

THE BEST DOCTOR OF. WORLD. He operated on my elbow twice and I had a 100‰ recovery. She operated on my mother's hand, she had been fractured for a year and nobody wanted to operate on her. Dr. GGR did it and she is terrific. He is very professional, warm, sincere and HUMAN.

Isa Blanco

My experience with Dr. GOMEZ Rodriguez and his team at Climba has been highly satisfactory, not only on a medical level but also on a human level. Huge experience, knowledge and accompaniment in the wrist surgery they performed on me and the postoperative follow-up.

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