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Operating rooms

Dr. Gómez Rodríguez performs all his surgeries at the Climba Clinic, where we have highly equipped operating rooms for major outpatient hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery, whether open surgery, arthroscopic or microsurgery. All the surgeries that Dr. GGR performs are carried out under local or regional anesthesia with brachial plexus block by a team of anesthesiologists who have only been dedicated to anesthesia of the upper limb for more than 20 years. The Doctor does not use general anesthesia to perform his procedures. However, the patient can choose to be awake or lightly sedated or fully sedated during the procedure. As these are outpatient surgeries, after each procedure (approx. 1.5 hours) the patient goes home, keeping constant contact with Dr. GGR and his entire team. This type of regional anesthesia usually lasts 24 hours approx. so that the patient can rest without problems at home the first night after surgery.


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